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Glister Parsec Proprietor

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Tavern Credits

Tavern Entrance

Hearth image : Concord Pale Ale; Concord

Glister Parsec

Who is Glister Parsec?

Backer's Soapbox

Wild Bore (Boar) image : Old Thumper Ale; Shipyard

Thoughts du Jour

Tavern image : Bohemium Pilsner; Latrobe
Solar System Calculations : JEC
Distance Table : JEC
ToAE Table : Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Website

Local Lore

Castle image : St.Andrews Ale; Belhaven

Biased Reveiws

Village image : Scottish Ale; Belhaven

Filtered Brews

Dock image : Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde
Buffalo River photo (Sustenance) : JEC
Margaret w/Statue photo (Attitude) : JEC
Ocean Sunset photo (On The Edge) : JEC


Tavern Maid image : Munich Edelhell; Hacker-Pschorr