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A local gallery of attempts at the written, photographic and digital arts as of 04May2013.
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The Silver Moon on a Winters Night casts Shadows in the Snow, of Memories of the Summer Sun that causes it to glow, and the myriad Icy Sparkles of richocheted Solar Rays, is the Echo of new Light to come and returning Summer Days.
Ilym '80


Refelcted in a Crystal Pond, bordered deep with untracked Snow, while icy Waters flow beyond and Sunset warms it's reddish Glow, manteled Spruce and Pine preside before the mounting winter's Night while hazy wisps of Fog attempt to shroud the fragile Light. Softly sculptured ivory Clouds lend gentle texture to the scene of misty crimson Sky embracing Snow encrusted Green. Inspiring natural harmony of Air, and Snow, and Light and Wood, Tranquiltiy and Peace abound and Time and Earth and Life are good.
Ilym '80


We've many paths to follow and our own way to find, And if our souls be bounded by barriers of time, Don't waste your life with sorrow and shackle it with fear, But seek the light in darkness and feel the warmth in cold, And let yourself be happy long before we're old!
Ilym '80


Hear the Thunder crashing down booming with its might, preceded by its faithful herald, the splintered shaft of Light. Feel your footings tremble as vibrations wrack the Ground and the Air around is shattered by explosion fostered Sound. Then as the Rumbles march away and Tears fall from the Sky, the Wind blows from the turmoiled Clouds with an atmospheric Sigh.
Ilym '80


Drawn to the Water and drawn to the Light, On the edge of Day or the edge of Night. On the edge of the Ocean, or the edge of Space, On the edge of Time in a transitional Place. Waves seductively crashing on every Shore, whispering Secrets and promising more.
Ilyx '97


Along paths with a billion crossroads, we both chose turns that brought us here, to a time and place where we need each other, yet we touch each other in fear. With a billion more turns ahead, will our paths remain entwined? Can we commit our lives together, in body and spirit and mind? After so long in the darkness, will this brightness blind our eyes, to where we lose this gift we're given, believing love is just sweet lies? Or will this consuming glow bring clarity, and resolve to hold this bond sublime, to nourish this relationship, and make this present last through time.
Ilye '97


Miles of hillside Spring inspired, Host multitudes of tender greens, Waving new from slender stalks, Waking fresh from Winter dreams, Each tiny leaf a puzzle piece, Unique in shade and motion, Shimmering bright in warm Sunlight, To Nature dancing their devotion. Ilye '98


A slot to live out life in, a cog among all the gears?
A path with little meaning to just navigate the years?

Watch and just do nothing, just observe but never score?
Resist each call to action, afraid of missing something more ...

Reconcile the awesome truth that life is not forever,
with the need to still be meaningful and not just simply clever ...

Find the reasons, to affect, this present of short duration
and the future you won't ever know except in anticipation ...

Commit to that from which you came, and to those you are connected,
to add your purpose to the flow, your vote on whats elected.

If each life in fact is bounded by a window of finite time,
with no specific reason and no predetermined rhyme ...

What is our motivation, our basis of wrong and right ...
we really aren't just children whose parents show the light ...

In fact we're shown many lights by elders of all depictions,
finite souls just like us, and ideas with less restrictions ...

And with those lights some choose to see salvations beyond what's real,
a sanctuary for eternity that inspires religous zeal ...

But shouldn't those lights illuminate our independence and self direction,
our responsibility for what's beyond, our power of self correction?

There are limits of time that bound each life, and unconcious frivolous fate,
The laws we all are subject to, those that won't abate ...

In spite of faith that denies it, In light of knowlege gained,
We affect our present and future, and very little is preordained.

Ilye '2007


Knowledge encoded in molecular chains
analyzes itself in neuronal brains
3 billion letters in each 10 trillion cells
all working together to process details
Aware of our selves, constrained by the past
our intellect fighting old habits that last
Strangers are dangers, faith over reason
Our father will save us, believe or it's treason

Dive ever deeper and absorb what was found
Bring it back up and take a new look around
See how it fits with what was already known
Support or refute what we thought had been shown
Study it all to construct each new plan
Merge it and check it ... the m.o. of man
The big and the small, the deep and the broad
What can't be explained is this era's god

What if we are the god of this earth where we dwell
with the power to make it heaven or hell
If that be the case then we must help ourself
or be at the mercy of anything else.

Ilye '2007

We Are Fools

When tolerance turned to resentment
then grew larger than everything good
and a price was put on redemption ...
then on love we placed deaths hood

The executioner recruited us both
and we blindly followed the path
to where our years of fortune was stolen
discounted by selective math

Now we'll live out this life haunted
by the knowledge of what we have lost
amid claims that we got what we needed
while hiding the unending cost.

Ilye, Apr2013